Using Podcasts to Revolutionize the Use of Instructional Time

While researching podcast use, I stumbled across a Ning for Educational Vodcasting. A vodcast is a podcast with video content. Vodcasts and podcasts have been in use in the university setting for about five years now, since the Duke University initiative of 2005 where all students were issued iPods.  The most common use of the podcast in education is to make recorded lectures available online. This technology is now being used by some K-12 educators as well. However, podcasting has not been widespread. (see Why Podcasts Haven’t Revolutionized Education Yet)

The most exciting potential effect of podcasted lectures is to turn the traditional instructional sequence on its head. By creating podcasts of lessons,  contact time between individual students and teachers could be maximized.  Students could listen to the lessons outside of class, allowing time in class to be spent in problem solving, laboratory work or remediation. I wonder how many teachers/professors are exploring this potential….


  1. Recorded material, whether audio or audio and video, that is available online also provides the benefits of allowing students to reinforce or revise their understandings by listening or watching as much as needed (and of course they can jump to the specific sections of the recording that would best benefit them.) It also allows home-bound students to still keep their learning moving forward, and for absent students to make up some of what they missed.

  2. Lori do you all have iPods at your school? A friend of mine at Cox HS in VA Beach was just awarded a grant to receive a “cart” full of iPods. What I saw on line was like a laptop cart, but it was full of iPods. I think that her program may be one of the first in VA Beach to be using iPods and have this cart thing….I will let you know how it goes once it is all up and running. She is keeping me posted on her progress. She might be a good practicle “field” resource for you and your iPod research!!

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