Connecting with a PLN

Last week I blogged about how to start building a PLN, or personal learning network.  Since then I have increased the number of folks I am following on Twitter and the number who are following me.  But how to connect to these people?  I was working on a project about RSS and aggregators and I was looking for a teacher to talk about how they used them.  In my reviewing of the daily tweets, I noticed that @mbteach tweeted that Google Reader was one of her favorite Web 2.0 tools.  I replied to her and asked if she would be willing to be part of my video.  I did not think that this approach would produce anything, but I was testing the PLN waters.  To my surprise, she was very willing to help.  I had asked for a minute or less of video testimonial about how she uses Google Reader and its benefits.  Within 12 hours, she uploaded a video to Youtube and sent me the link.  She had created a 3 minute self-interview about Google Reader!  Thanks Mary Beth!  This experience has convinced me that there is more to Twitter than I had originally thought at the beginning of this course and that it is a viable means to sustain a PLN.  See my project at:

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