iPad as laptop replacement

After mulling it over for several weeks, I decided to get an iPad to use as a laptop replacement for graduate school. Initially I had concerns about my ability to create using the iPad, based on the critiques of my technologist colleagues. However, it is my conclusion that my iPad will become my portable computer of choice. That old HP laptop is going to be collecting dust in it’s bag. The app that makes that work for me is Docs to Go. This app enables viewing and editing of documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. It also syncs with Google Docs to store files in addition to local storage. Definitely a must have for your iPad. My biggest iPad disappointment is the mobile version of Google Docs. Google Docs mobile version is lousy. It does not permit creation and editing of files on the iPad. Bad Google! Other sites work identically on the iPad as on a laptop. Why not Google Docs? My only other wish for things I can do on my iPad is support for equation editor. Docs to Go does not support this. Fortunately in my Ed tech life I don’t have a huge need for equations, but in my previous physics teacher life this would have been a big issue.

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