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This semester I will do an independent study with the science educator at my college.  The purpose of this is two fold… (1) Since I am in Educational Technology, I will work with her to incorporate some best practices of technology use into the course.  AND (2) To prepare myself for the possible future of teaching the science methods course.

I am very excited about this project.  I met with my professor and we spent two hours going through her syllabus and discussing each assignment.  A reflection journal will be done in a blog format this semester, with the professor subscribing to each students blog using Google Reader.  Journal article will be shared with the class using Refworks, an online citation management service.  A wiki will be used to organize the course.  We brainstormed the possible ways technology could be implemented and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Using technology in instruction should be done when it will provide benefits to instructors and students.  We decided that a few of the assignments would be best left as paper assignments (at least for now).  However, the changes that will be implemented are changes that will: make receiving and assessing student work easier, allow students to learn from each others experiences, and provide preservice teachers with experience in technologies they can use with future students.

One issue to mull over… The preservice teachers create videos of their teaching for a project.  The end product of the project has been a 15 minute long video vignette.  We discussed doing this by embedding each clip into a wiki page where students could incorporate their commentary as well.  One concern was with putting videos with students in them online and privacy issues.  Any readers have experience handling this issue?  What are the “new standards”?

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