This is your brain on Mendeley Desktop

As I have been continuing my work on the literature review, I become more enthralled with the features of Mendeley Desktop.  I have put over 100 PDF journal articles into my database.  They are now indexed by author and author keywords (automatic) and by my tags.  But there is more…  You know when you remember something, but you can’t put your finger on where it came from?  Mendeley to the rescue.  The search feature in Mendeley uses fairly standard search syntax to access the full text of your collection.  This is almost like having the entire library of resources in short term memory.  All you need to do is type in the phrase or key word you are thinking of and Mendeley finds every occurrence in your collection, highlights it and brings it up in a list for you to scroll through and select.  This feature is amazing!  For me, this means I can basically skim through the articles, then use Mendeley’s search feature to go back later and pull quotes or paraphrase key information.  It is no longer necessary for me to take as detailed notes as I would have before.  Of course, once I find that magical key word or phrase that is key, I go back to Google Scholar.  Google Scholar will search for it in the full text of its much more comprehensive database of journal articles and list the links to those resources.   Then I import additional articles into my own database, so I can widen and deepen it.  The process is quite iterative.

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  1. This looks like one of those time-savers that Gene challenged us to find and share. Maybe this weekend I can transfer my RefWorks stuff over to Mendeley.

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