Building a PLN

Yesterday I attended the DEN online conference and listened to @TeachaKidd (aka Lee Kolbert).   The topic was Personal Learning Networks.  Lee explained how to create your own PLN using tools such as Twitter.  She shared some excellent resources on  how to connect with other educators (   Something that struck me was the comments she collected …

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Building your following on Twitter

Sitting idly in the passenger seat of our red minivan enroute to our Outer Banks vacation gave me extra time to investigate Twitter. Honestly, I was struggling with the rationale for this microblogging tool, or the need to post status updates so frequently. Is there a monetary value to building a large Twitter following? Is Twitter the key to becoming a leader in the world of Educational Technology? My observations lead me to believe this might be the case.

The dangers of tethering and Web 2.0

Generative Machine vs. Appliance We are moving increasingly toward appliancized machines — think TiVo, iPod, Blackberry, iPhone.  With software and applications moving off the PC and onto the Web we can use our PC as a dummy terminal to access online applications.  Continuous internet access creates the situation where our PCs and appliances can be …

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A key concept in Zitrain’s book, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop it, is generativity. Every machine is not (and should not be) designed with generativity in mind. Generative systems are not inherently superior to non-generative systems; each must be examined as to its benefits and shortcomings individually. Generative systems facilitate innovation and invite outside contributions. These affordances of PCs and the Internet are also a source of risk to all who use them.

Your data is out there for everyone

Social networking applications have experienced amazing growth. I have a Facebook account and a MySpace account, although I do not use them nearly as much as my students do. I also use Netflix, which provides its users a service by tracking what movies you say you like so that it can offer you similar titles …

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