Building your following on Twitter

Sitting idly in the passenger seat of our red minivan enroute to our Outer Banks vacation gave me extra time to investigate Twitter. Honestly, I was struggling with the rationale for this microblogging tool, or the need to post status updates so frequently. Is there a monetary value to building a large Twitter following? Is Twitter the key to becoming a leader in the world of Educational Technology? My observations lead me to believe this might be the case.

The evolution of the machine: from content dispenser to learning response system

In Chapter 4 of Teachers and Machines, Cuban examines the teaching profession and the myriad of tasks the teacher is expected to accomplish in a relatively small amount of time. One of those tasks is the evaluation, selection and adaptation of appropriate technologies into  the teaching routine. The teacher must perceive that the technology has …

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Everything changes and nothing changes…

When I first opened this book, my initial thought was… Why am I reading this 24 year old book? So, perhaps my mindset was a bit negative at the outset. I dutifully began reading Chapter 1 of Teachers and Machines. Cuban’s discussion of reform in American education at the turn of the century struck a …

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My new blog.

This course sounds like it will be fun and interesting. I missed the first class due to the District Tournament for Scholastic Bowl at my school (I am the coach). So now I am playing catch up and reading about what happened this evening.